I love my new MacBook Pro, but when I have it detached from my home network I often get application lock ups or long pauses while using it offline. I found a repeatable pattern: when selecting File–>Open from many (most) applications, often for the first time, the MBP would pause and then display a dialog stating AFP Connection Status … Looking up “<hostname>.” Clicking on the solo “Cancel” button tends to solve the problem, but the delay is hugely annoying.

It turns out the problem is due to an alias from my offline MBP to a folder on one of my networked Macs; specifically, the Pictures folder is aliased to one computer on my network that holds my pictures so I can access them from all machines. As soon as I remove or rename the alias (to something like Pictures2) I no longer receive the AFP Connection Status window. As soon as I rename it back to Pictures, the AFP Connection Status dialog appears.