I was very excited to see the long awaited Sense home energy monitor arrive in the mail the other day. Had to wait for a quiet day to install – did not want to disrupt much when turning the power off.

IIMG_2083nstallation was a breeze – much less than 30 minutes. It was fortunate I had a spare 50A/240V breaker from a kiln that has long since disappeared. The only difficulties I had were connecting it to WiFi. I tried two different networks and it required the password to be entered two times each go around due to it “timing out” the first try. Not too much of a pain, unless you have lengthy and difficult to type (on your iPhone) passwords.

IMG_2084I anxiously wait for the next few days to pass to see what it learns about my house. But, even without much data capture, it provided good, actionable information. The rise/dip in watts in the picture below is me turning on and then off the basement lights (hi-hats). Also, 760w/65w ~= 12. I have 18 lights in the basement, so I know six are not working. I went downstairs to confirm and indeed, six are burnt out. I will replace them with LEDs!




IMG_2085  IMG_2086  IMG_2089