The PDF from the Let’s Talk About Voice presentation is available to view/download.

Voice interfaces have been around for many years with little traction. With Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple making significant investments in their virtual assistants, voice will be and is an integral part of the digital landscape. There is a convergence of approaches to voice interface design and there is no better time than now to learn about designing and developing for voice.

During this session, entitled “Let’s Talk about Voice”, we’ll talk all things voice, interact with voice assistants, and look at the landscape of tools used in developing voice assistants. We’ll cover good voice design approaches and gain insight into the differences between software development and voice interface development. We’ll talk about voice in the home and in the workplace and how skills are monetized. And because bots now take advantage of natural language understanding, we’ll cover bots, too!

This talk is geared towards a wide audience and is low on high-tech. If you are interested in developing skills for Alexa or Cortana, check out my other presentations: Interested in code? Check out my Github account: Follow me for tips on twitter @rickwargo.