Director, Business Optimization / Application Development
Strategic Leadership – Software/Web Development – Data Analytics
Highly innovative and successful hands-on technology executive with extensive experience in full life-cycle software development, data warehousing and analytics, business strategy, customer satisfaction and team building in both healthcare and legal verticals. Phenomenal record of designing and developing processes and solutions to maximize business value. Highly effective written and verbal communicator to both technical and non-technical audiences with a proven ability to translate technology solutions into plain-speak. Exceptional problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Insights
  • Data Warehousing
  • Healthcare / Legal Industries
  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Solution Development
  • Information Security
  • Broad Technical Expertise
  • Medical Claims & Clinical Data
Professional Experience
Apr 2017 – Present
InfoMC Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare management and care coordination software designed to help close gaps in health care systems. The InfoMC Coordinated Care Solution provides tools for optimal care coordination of complex or chronic physical and behavioral health conditions and populations, resulting in improved quality and cost of care outcomes.
Director, Technology and Architecture
  • Accountable for development, QA, packaging and delivery of company’s SAAS-based applications.
  • ScrumMaster for shared services team.
  • Automated processes effectively gaining an FTE.
Feb 2015 – Present
As an independent consultant, I specialized in the application of leading-edge technologies and implementation processes to both low- and high-tech businesses.
  • Provided custom process optimization solution for a key business process, designed to minimize reporting execution and consumption time, and to increase accuracy.
  • Created a Node.js development environment to support BDD of Amazon Alexa Skills authored in JavaScript and hosted locally for testing and in AWS Lambda for production with support for AWS DynamoDB, complete with test scripts and development and deployment tasks in gulp.
  • Developed a Ruby interface to county-specific property records information, hosting data in MySQL with analytics in R.
  • Developed a web-based application in Node.js, ExpressJS, Bootstrap, and Jade to pull QuickBooks Online data into a RedShift data warehouse.
  • Full lifecycle development of Python-based high-volume data collection and reporting application to aggregate data from multiple sources via API and scraping using Celery, Redis, PostgreSQL, EC2.
Cotiviti (formerly Connolly iHealth Technologies), Conshohocken, PA
May 2011 – Feb 2015
Created by the merger of Connolly and iHealth Technologies in May of 2014, Connolly iHealth Technologies is a payment integrity firm that processes trillions of payment records each year, preventing or recovering billions of dollars in overpayments for its clients. The Company provides payment integrity services to 7 of the top 8 healthcare payers, and the top ten retailers in the U.S. Connolly iHealth Technologies also reviews contracts for non-compliance and offers process improvement recommendations that help clients mitigate future financial losses.
Director, Business Optimization, Healthcare
  • Established Center of Excellence responsible for consolidating over 20 different work streams employing similar tools and processes, resulting in one of the organization’s dominant revenue streams.
  • Grow and manage multiple high-performing teams of business systems analysts and data analysts who create significant impact on revenue by implementing customized sustainable solutions designed to streamline business processes and uncover new revenue streams.
  • Collaborate with the business to refine and support critical business metrics regarding cost of execution, inventory availability and exhaustion.
  • Key contributor of business intelligence for building executive dashboards; enabling the executive team to look at work product with a new lens.
  • Perform the duties of a system owner in coordination with the Information Security Office, having overall responsibility of the company’s largest internal information system supporting healthcare payment integrity practices.
  • Intense focus on hiring and onboarding practices to establish consistent execution across the division and deliver optimum results.
  • Expert negotiator with the business to deliver maximum value within defined resource constraints.
  • Work in a highly-matrixed environment to bring new products and services into a tightly controlled environment, resulting in significant performance increases for the team.
  • Enhance the common knowledge and practices by establishing advanced learning curriculums.
  • Develop and execute planning and content for multiple off-site leadership summits.
  • Developed successful board game in coordination with engaging presentation to educate teams about the nature of technical debt and making informed decisions.
  • Passionate mentor with direct reports and other key contributors, helping to multiply efforts throughout the organization.
  • Subject Matter Expert on departmental measures and metrics.
  • Established mentoring program for analysts in our Leadership Development Program.
  • Maintained programming, data-mining/analytical, and SQL skills through hands-on experience with the development systems and medical claims data yielding in a solid understanding of Connolly technology and information.
Independent Consultant
Dec 2009 – May 2011
As an independent consultant, I specialized in the application of leading-edge technologies and implementation processes to both low- and high-tech businesses.
  • Designed and implemented a web-based application in Ruby on Rails 3, MySQL, Oracle, and jQuery to provide real-time reporting and data entry for business-critical process monitoring with a rich, interactive user-experience. Created an object-oriented Domain-Specific Language (DSL) for specification of business logic.
  • Provided scrubbed and validated information for an online parts catalog using MS SQL Server, Ruby, and web-scraping technologies, creating processes that perform ten-times better than currently existing ones.
  • Assisted start-up companies design and implement their social media presence, including Facebook applications and SEO mentoring.
  • Coached small businesses in designing web sites using Drupal and Joomla, maximizing available resources with virtualization utilizing Microsoft Hyper-V R2, and evaluating and implementing appropriate open-source technologies for business use.
Satori Group, Inc., Conshohocken, PA
Feb 2007 – Dec 2009
Founded August 2001, Satori Group, Inc. is a premier provider of Business Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions empowering small, mid-market, and divisions of large enterprise clients with reduced budget cycles, improved decisions, and greater business and financial insight.
Director, Application Development
  • Charged with the strategic directive of transforming a consulting-oriented company into a software company by turning existing work-product and knowledge into repeatable and scalable solutions that can be implemented quickly and reliably.
  • Designed and implemented a development strategy that successfully pushed out six business intelligence applications year one.
  • Designed, implemented and championed development processes focused on repeatable and maintainable methodologies, reducing implementation cycles up to 75%.
  • Designed and developed tools for accurate and reliable technical documentation across all product lines.
  • Introduced and secured buy-in of collaborative technologies to capture and share information within the organization, building it into the company culture.
  • Responsible for the maintenance and re-architecture of the Satori Budgeting application and the implementation of the Forecasting add-on.
  • Responsible for the technical design and implementation of the Satori Financial Reporting application, a replacement for Microsoft FRx using Excel as a front-end on top of an OLAP database fed through various ERP systems.
  • Responsible for the development of Satori Dashboard, a dynamic, Flash-based financial dashboard created using SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius. Coded the role-based data engine in T-SQL.
  • Responsible for vendor management of development tools, including SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius.
  • Made significant contributions to product vision and architecture; re-architected a methodology for a new product that improved performance by an order of magnitude.
  • Coded core contributions to applications using C# and MS SQL 2000/2005. Authored in Ruby many utility programs to automate processes.
  • Authored in Python and jQuery plug-ins to enable the open source project management tool, trac, to manage multiple projects using a customized, dynamic interface to manage all application development projects.
  • Coded Perl scripts to pre-process text input files for clients’ ETL processes.
  • Coded significant enhancements in Perl to the open source tool NaturalDocs, to customize output of HTML documentation for SQL database objects and Excel-based applications.
Independent Consultant
Aug 2003 – Feb 2007
As an independent consultant, I specialized in the application of leading-edge technologies and implementation processes to both low- and high-tech businesses.
  • Assessed high-profile client’s e-Commerce capabilities and recommended short and long-term action plans to increase sales by a factor of up to fifty.
  • Provided technological insight and direction to high-tech startups, contributing to product development plans and business plans.
  • Installed and configured Nagios to monitor client’s network, including utilizing NPRE and creation of custom Perl-based plug-ins.
  • Developed tools to scrape web pages, automating interaction with web sites using libraries such as Mechanize, Watir, and FireWatir, and parsing of HTML using regular expressions, XPath expressions, and CSS selectors with libraries such as Hpricot and Nokogiri.
  • Developed websites for client’s use using Ruby on Rails and interfacing with Mongrel and MySQL.
LawManager, Inc., Conshohocken, PA
Jun 1986 – Aug 2003
LawManager, a subsidiary of Thomson*Elite, is a leading provider of custom information systems for the legal departments of corporate, government and professional services firms. LawManager was purchased by Elite Information Group in 2000, which in turn was purchased by Thomson in 2003.
Sr. Vice President, Technology / CTO (2002–2003)
  • Crafted product vision resulting in long-range strategic and tactical plans for product development.
  • Contributed to planning the next generation of innovative and evolutionary web-based information management software encompassing methodologies of business process orchestration, web services, collaboration, workflow and meta-data based customization.
  • Analyzed current technology strategy and structure across four Thomson businesses as part of a five person task force set up to create a multi-site development organization to produce premier software systems across all sectors of the legal industry. Established short and long range strategic plans of the resulting $100MM company including expense reductions, staff assessments, product analysis and overlap.
  • Established methodologies to increase customer satisfaction through improving software support, software quality and increased and consistent communication with customers.
  • Enhanced company presence at key sales meetings through coherent, technical presentations of products and direction.
  • Generated additional revenue by finding unique solutions during calls to key customers.
Vice President, Technology / CTO (2000–2002)
  • Managed team of five senior developers in R&D with an annual budget of $1.5MM. Sustained 100% retention rate.
  • Developed new business plan with executive staff upon company acquisition.
  • Analyzed, identified and resolved product security requirements and risks.
  • Achieved an order of magnitude increase in speed and user load of multi-tiered software solution.
  • Designed, implemented and managed technical infrastructure of new office including telephone system, secure server room, Internet access, and secure wireless access.
  • Established and implemented disaster recovery plans.
  • Authored and presented technology sessions and tutorials at annual users’ conferences.
  • Overhauled product lines by establishing new product families and streamlining pricing spreadsheets, alleviating complaints regarding the pricing model.
  • Improved product marketing materials through web site and brochure review and redesign.
  • Analyzed market requirements and trends through attending technical and industry events, interviewing industry players and sponsoring focus groups, incorporating findings into product planning.
  • Successfully determined and prepared qualified research expenditures for R&D Tax Credit.
  • Produced product documentation and documentation standards for company’s products.
Chief Technology Officer (1994–2000)
  • Designed and co-authored industry’s first legal information management development system featuring hierarchical meta-data, scriptable business logic with full-featured debugger, role-based security (discernible to the field level), heterogeneous searching system, open API, and running atop of MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and DB2 back-ends.
  • Directed development of multi-tiered application software including application server, web interface, mobile interface and procedural interface.
  • Created web-based application support system developed in own development system.
  • Authored and executed a comprehensive stress test designed to test the performance, stability and scalability of the company’s three-tiered solution by accurately simulating 1000’s of users utilizing home grown testing software and an array of computers.
  • Authored and implemented best practices for software development and the software development life cycle. Practices are still fundamental in current development activities.
  • Identified, designed and implemented interfaces to many commercial applications.
  • Evaluated performance of staff members, defined and reviewed MBO’s for key staff, defined and executed incentive plans for employees.
  • Designed user interface of web-based and mobile applications.
  • Negotiated high-speed Internet access with backbone ISP at savings of 85% of typical costs.
  • Helped develop and taught training classes, providing both content and review of training materials.
  • Produced many templates used for standard document creation.
  • Established secure communication channels between company and clients for dedicated network.
  • Managed the QA department and established testing procedures for the software products.
  • Trained sales staff in new product features.
  • Answered technical questions for RFP’s and streamlined the RFP process by producing template responses.
Chief Developer (1986–1994)
  • Designed and implemented LawManager 4, a UNIX-based customizable legal information management system. Software was written in own 5GL, developed to streamline the customization process.
  • Designed and implemented the industry’s first learning data conversion software system with fuzzy matching, written in Perl and similar to today’s ETL tools, with core elements still in use after twelve years.
  • Developed UniPerl, an open-source database extension to Perl 4 interfacing to the UNIFY® database.
  • Developed system using the Icon programming language (influenced by SNOBOL) to collect and analyze freeform credit information to score credit worthiness for $1M system for TransUnion.
  • Developed natural language input, written in C, Yacc, and Lex, for finite element analysis software for thermal analysis of integrated circuits for in-house use by DuPont scientists.
  • Handled all MIS activities for the network, a heterogeneous environment of various flavors of UNIX, Windows and Macintosh computers and servers.
  • Supervised and contributed to development of $8M matter management system for FDIC.
Professional Development
ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service ManagementPEOPLECERTSeptember 2014
Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)Scrum AllianceJune 2010
ScrumMaster Certification TrainingArtisan Software ConsultingJune 2010
PresidentPhiladelphia Business Intelligence User GroupFeb 2015 – current
Technical Expertise
Windows, Linux (Fedora/CentOS/Ubuntu), Sun/Solaris, Mac OS X
C#, VB.Net, Ruby, Perl, Delphi, C++, JavaScript, ASP, HTML/CSS, XML, XSLT, VBA, T-SQL, PHP, Python, Scripting (Bash), Yacc/Lex, Make
MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Unify
Ruby on Rails, Catalyst, .NET, Treetop
MS Office, MS Project, MS Visio, ERwin, Photoshop, Nagios, Trac, Subversion, Git, Drupal, WordPress
Networking (TCP/IP, firewalls), Monitoring (Nagios), UNIX/Linux Services (Apache, DNS, VPN/OpenVPN, SSH, Sendmail, etc.), DSL (domain-specific language), Grammars (PEG, CFG)
Open Source Contributions
Perl4 interface to access the Unify database
SELinux Nagios
Permits Nagios to run on SELinux systems (e.g. Fedora, CentOS)
Digital imaging workflow software for MacOS X and iView MediaPro
Functional hardware design for creating a sub-$100 GPS module to connect to Nikon digital cameras
Ruby automation of MS Excel to perform regex searches on multiple Excel files
Ruby automation of MS Access to perform regex searches on multiple Access files
Ask Daddy / Grandmom
Amazon Echo companion applications built using JavaScript and Node.js using the Alexa SDK to humorously respond to a request in the fashion of a daddy or grand mom